• LED Lenser X21
    LED Lenser X21

    LED Lenser X21

    Code: LED8421
    This masterpiece is another milestone in our company history
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    Have you seen this from The Downunder Pilot Shop.
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    LED Lenser X21 Details:

    This masterpiece is another milestone in our company history. The LED LENSER X21 will cause a sensation because it allows for a whole range of new applications in light engineering. The lamp has a light output of up to 1068 lumens. Thanks to the Advanced Focus System, the light cone can be adjusted dynamically. You must have held this lamp in your hand to be able to really appreciate it.

    The LED LENSER X21 offers a broad, circular low beam as well as a sharply focused searchlight beam. 7 ultra-bright high-performance chips and 7 terminator lenses produce a quality of light that you have never experienced before - a blazing beam that makes even car headlights look pale in comparison. This lamps lighting range is already legendary. And its impressive appearance radiates power and authority.

    Revolutionary Advanced Focus System
    One-handed speed focus
    As bright as a spotlight
    Hard gold-plated contacts
    Lightweight, Splash-proof aircraft-grade aluminium housing
    LED Service life more than 100,000 hours
    Includes durable hard case and carry strap

    LED: 7 x Cree
    Length: 395 mm
    Weight: 1488 g
    Luminous Flux: 950 lm
    Batteries: 4 x D
    Energy Tank: 120 Wh
    Burning life: 300 Hrs
    Beam Range: 535 m

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