ATC Flight Radio for Pilots VFR Operations

By Aviation Theory Centre

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Shows the use of radio, what to say, and when to say it. Includes detail of airspace and much more. During our training as pilots, we are taught the importance of priorities. Aviate, navigate, communicate, is a commonly used phrase and while there is no doubt that a pilot must allocate priorities in this way, there are circumstances where communications are more important. As traffic increases, the reliance on clear communications for safe separation, is paramount. We can all learn to fly. We can all learn to navigate. But will we equally well, learn to communicate? The likelihood of problems in a terminal area is increased by poor communications - indeed many of the so-called human error accidents in aviation can be attributed to poor communications or lack of communications. Our survival in any air traffic environment is highly dependent on clear communications and their understanding. When we start to fly there is always some nervousness and hesitation about radio transmissions - in case we make a public fool of ourselves. This can cause us to avoid calls. Yet a little practice is all that is required. Our flying will be much safer and more enjoyable as a result. There is also another, less obvious factor. Unless we are being observed during take-off and landing the only way we will be assessed as pilots is by the clarity, accuracy, quality and professionalism of our radio transmissions. We are judged by our use of the radio. It doesnt matter what type of aircraft we are flying, which company employs us or whether we hold a PPL or an ATPL, our calls determine how we, our school, our club and our airline are regarded. This manual will help you reach that high standard. Learn it well before you fly and you will be surprised to find that clear, confident and concise communication becomes second nature. Author: Aviation Theory Centre ISBN#: 1-875537-69-4 Pages: 131


Name ATC Flight Radio for Pilots VFR Operations
SKU ATB41-04
Model # ATB41-04
Brand Aviation Theory Centre
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Aviation Theory Centre (ATC) is a Australian family owned business, that was developed to provide the aviation industry the highest quality training manuals and reference media for pilots � for all license levels and ratings. The company has been in existence for more than twenty-five years, originating in Melbourne and relocating to Brisbane in 2009. Aviation Theory Centre researches, authors, illustrates, and edits all of its own material. Aviation Theory Centre has established a network of consultants who advise, critique and edit the drafts. THE MANUALS ARE CASA COMPLIANT The Australian series of manuals complies with the CASA syllabus which in turn, is aligned with ICAO requirements. Aviation Theory Centre has also prepared books for publication in the US and UK through partner companies, ASA and Pooleys, respectively.
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