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ATC Night Flight

By Aviation Theory Centre

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Night Flight is one of the most pleasant forms of flight. Every city looks good at night. The sparkling lights, stars, moon and reflections combine to produce a spectacle that many of us Earthlings only dream about. However, flying over the outback at night is a very different matter. There is the great Australian pitch-black where even one light is a friend but can also be confusing. It may be a star. It might not. Night flight is not visual flight. The aircraft is flown by reference to the flight instruments and may be positioned using visual references in visual conditions. When there is little visual information it is a test for even the experienced pilot and should be taboo for the inexperienced. The privilege to enter this dark realm has stringent criteria. Night flight is not difficult but it must be properly planned and prepared. It is a time when your assistant pilot can be the greatest help or the greatest hindrance. There are three uses for the night flight rating: * To allow continuance of a delayed, daytime cross-country; * to allow deliberate night sectors in VMC; or * To explore local scenic opportunities and rewards. Night Flight is a part of the Command Instrument Rating, an option for the PIFR and a pre-requisite for the Instructor's Rating. It is also very pleasant. Enjoy. Author: David Robson ISBN#: 1-875537-70-8 Pages: 258


Name ATC Night Flight
Model # ATB26-07-NZ
Brand Aviation Theory Centre
More about Aviation Theory Centre

Aviation Theory Centre (ATC) is a Australian family owned business, that was developed to provide the aviation industry the highest quality training manuals and reference media for pilots � for all license levels and ratings. The company has been in existence for more than twenty-five years, originating in Melbourne and relocating to Brisbane in 2009. Aviation Theory Centre researches, authors, illustrates, and edits all of its own material. Aviation Theory Centre has established a network of consultants who advise, critique and edit the drafts. THE MANUALS ARE CASA COMPLIANT The Australian series of manuals complies with the CASA syllabus which in turn, is aligned with ICAO requirements. Aviation Theory Centre has also prepared books for publication in the US and UK through partner companies, ASA and Pooleys, respectively.
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