Pilot Assist Pro

Pilot Assist Pro – your mobile flight bag.

Designed for all types of pilots, Pilot Assist Pro™ is your perfect flying partner.

Declutter the cockpit and access all of your flight resources – checklists, charts, manuals, weather, flight logs, NOTAMs and more – right from your mobile device.

Pilot Assist Pro does not require a subscription or registration. 

You only pay once, and it's good for life.

Product Features:

  • Personalized & Customized Checklists
  • Weather & NOTAMs
  • Flight Logging
  • Mobile Charts and Documents (via Dropbox)
  • Scratchpad
  • Frequencies & Reference Speeds


Personalised & Customised Checklists
Checklists are at the heart of Pilot Assist Pro™. For every aircraft in your personal virtual ‘hangar’, you have access to the full range of checklists for that particular aircraft, direct from your iPhone or iPad.

Never lose your place or miss check items again – with our interactive checklists, you step through each check item in turn with the tap of your screen. Only when all check items are complete will you receive Pilot Assist Pro™’s checklist complete confirmation.

With our custom checklists, you can even create your own supplementary check items with personalised notes, reference data and diagrams – perfect for student pilots and flying schools.

Mobile Charts & Documents
Ever left documents or aircraft manuals in the crew room because weight and balance is marginal? Or because there’s simply no room in your flight bag?

With Pilot Assist Pro™’s flexible documents functions, you get direct access to any of your electronic documents and charts, straight from your iPhone or iPad – the possibilities are limitless.

The app connects seamlessly to Dropbox™ and all documentation can be synced to your device for access even when you’re offline in flight mode.

During times of high workload, it’s easy to forget important pieces of information – squawk codes, ATC clearances and so on – and up until now we’ve had to rely on our memory, or scribbling it down on your knee board (if you can find your pen).

With Pilot Assist Pro™ your ScratchPad is only a tap of the screen away – ideal for jotting down those all-important pieces of information – and all you need is the tip of your finger! You can create up to 3 different ScratchPads at a time and, like all of your other flight data, your ScratchPad notes can be uploaded to the Cloud with a single tap.

ScratchPad also supports Apple Pencil.

Frequencies & References
Getting access to the in-flight data you need, when you need it, can be a challenge for all pilots.

And when you’re planning your approach, the last thing you need is to be searching around for ATC and nav frequencies, or other aircraft reference data.

With Pilot Assist Pro™ you can store all relevant frequencies for your flight and key aircraft reference data (approach speeds, Vx, Vy etc) and have them available with a single swipe of your screen.

Frequencies can be easily stored pre-flight, meaning that your most commonly used frequencies are always available within the app.

All reference data is integrated with the aircraft you have selected from your hangar.

Prevent Sleep and Auto Day/Night Mode
Using your iPhone or iPad in flight puts a huge variety of information at your fingertips – but it needs to be available quickly, and mustn’t be a distraction when you’re not actively using it.

That’s why we’ve introduced two special features within the app settings:

If you select ‘Prevent Sleep’ within the app settings, your device screen will stay active throughout your flight, rather than going into sleep mode. This way, you won’t need to unlock your screen to access the information.

And with Pilot Assist Pro™’s automatic day/night mode, the display will naturally switch between light and dark modes, preventing screen glare during night flying.

Both settings are optional, and you can enable and disable at any time.


Live sync with Dropbox™
Once you’ve authorised your Pilot Assist Pro™ to access your Dropbox™ account, uploading and downloading data to and from your device is as simple as the tap of the screen.

This means that you can transfer charts and documents from your home computer in advance, and quickly upload and backup all of the data entered via the app. Your flight logs can be securely stored, in a variety of standard formats such as .csv, .txt or .pdf, before you’ve even got back to the crew room.

And you’re never left high and dry when you’re in flight mode or out of cell reception, because the last-known data can be synced to your device before you go offline.

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