What A Lovely Day For An Airplane Ride

What A Lovely Day For An Airplane Ride
The author grew up in the Cincinnati, OH area and in Kentucky. He used to play in his grandmas barn, and would jump down on bales of hay. That was the beginning to, ?lets learn to fly?. It is said, ?you cant teach a dog new tricks?, but being so young, he tried to learn them all, tricks that is. This book is an offering of many of his accomplishments in the flying arena along with excerpts from some of the funniest statements by many of his pilot friends. You might say some are almost like short stories in themselves. So much happens during the flying period of time for a pilot. The responsibility and learning factor is huge. Most will say ?it is all worth it?. The book, hopefully, will bring laughter & a time to relax to all of who choose to read it. ENJOY!!

?What A Lovely Day For An Airplane Ride?
ISBN: 9781466989474

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